The University of Maryland’s career fair on November 30 put Middle River Aircraft Systems in the spotlight as the company looks for new talent to join its team.

The atmosphere at the MRAS stand was upbeat – students were excited to see what they could be working on during internship opportunities, and even had an opportunity to see a functioning scale model of the Boeing 747-8 jetliner’s thrust reverser, which is built at MRAS. Incorporating MRAS’ competencies in advanced composite materials design and analysis, this nacelle system is highly-reliable, lightweight and acoustically-efficient.

The Boeing 747-8 nacelle system, built by MRAS, is highly-reliable, lightweight and acoustically-efficient. It was demonstrated in scale model form at the University of Maryland’s career fair.

Throughout the five hours of the career fair, the MRAS team had a high level of attention from students, attracting those with a passion for aviation – from aerospace engineering majors to students simply interested in the industry, and collecting over 200 resumes in the process. Students from freshmen to seniors were excited to learn about the company and its operations as well as the opportunities open for them at MRAS.

Although the primary objective of the career fair for MRAS was to educate students on the internship opportunities offered at the company, there was interest as well from seniors in full-time employment – and as MRAS is part of the GE family of businesses, students are encouraged to refer to the pre-filtered MRAS careers page on the GE Careers website for available opportunities.

Students interested in summer internship opportunities at MRAS are encouraged to apply.