Nacelle Systems

Nacelle Systems

Streamlined Housings for Aircraft Engines

Nacelles are designed to reduce drag and provide engine protection from external factors such as debris, lightning, and foreign object ingestion (FOI). Nacelles also play a crucial role in managing engine noise and providing reverse thrust upon landing.

Key Functions of Nacelles

  • Aerodynamic Efficiency: Nacelles are shaped to minimize drag and enhance airflow around the engine, improving overall aircraft performance.
  • Engine Protection: Nacelles shield the engine from various elements, including debris, bird strike, and lightning, preventing damage and ensuring safe operation.
  • Noise Reduction: Nacelles incorporate noise-reducing features to mitigate engine noise and comply with environmental regulations.
  • Reverse Thrust: Nacelles incorporate a thrust reverser that provides airplane braking function to reduce wear and tear on airplane brakes and provides an important safety feature for landing on wet runways.

Thrust Reverser

Thrust reversers are essential for enhancing safety and efficiency during aircraft operations. By redirecting engine thrust forward, they reduce landing distances, minimize runway wear, and contribute to smoother taxiing. This not only improves safety but also optimizes airport operations, reducing congestion and enhancing overall efficiency.

Fan Cowls

Championing Aerodynamic Efficiency: MRAS Expertise in Fan Cowls

MRAS stands as a pioneer in aerospace innovation, specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of high-performance fan cowls. These critical components play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and performance of jet engines.



MRAS possesses unmatched expertise in inlet technology, drawing upon over a decade of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing these sophisticated components. Our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians is committed to delivering innovative inlets that meet the stringent requirements of today’s aircraft.

Engine Build-Up (EBU)

EBUs are the backbone of jet engine systems, serving as the central hub for connecting various components, including fuel systems, hydraulic systems, and electrical systems. Their precise assembly and integration are essential for ensuring the engine’s reliable and optimal performance.


Types of Nacelles

Nacelles play a critical role in modern aviation, contributing to aircraft efficiency, engine protection, noise reduction, and braking of the airplane. Their design and manufacturing require advanced technologies and expertise to ensure the highest levels of performance and safety.

MRAS provides Commercial and Military Nacelle Components: MRAS designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of nacelle components, including inlets, fan cowls, thrust reversers, exhaust nozzle and EBU.

Current programs include:

Aircraft Airframer Engine Engine Supplier Programs
A320neo Airbus LEAP-1A CFM Translating Cowl / EBU / TRAS
A330ceo Airbus PW4168 Pratt & Whitney TRAS / Thrust Reverser
A330ceo Airbus CF6-80E1 GE Aerospace TRAS / Thrust Reverser
B747 / B767 / MD-11 Boeing CF6-80C2 GE Aerospace TRAS / Thrust Reverser
747-8 Boeing GEnx-2B GE Aerospace TRAS / Thrust Reverser
Global 7500 Bombardier Passport GE Aerospace Inlet / Fan Cowl / TRAS
ARJ21 COMAC CF34-10A GE Aerospace Fan Cowl / TRAS / Thrust Reverser
C919 COMAC LEAP-1C CFM Inlet / Fan Cowl / IFS
E190/E195 Embraer CF34-10E GE Aerospace TRAS / Thrust Reverser
C-5 Galaxy Lockheed Martin CF6-80C2L1F GE Aerospace TRAS / Thrust Reverser
C-130J Lockheed Martin AE 2100 Rolls-Royce Exhaust Nozzle