The Bombardier Global 7500 makes its approach for a landing performance demonstration at Gstaad Airport in the Swiss Alps.

The Bombardier Global 7500’s nacelle systems – for which Middle River Aerostructure Systems has the lead industrial role in its Nexcelle joint venture with Safran Nacelles – contributed to this business jet’s short runway, high-altitude airfield performance during an operational demonstration at Gstaad Airport in Switzerland.

Becoming the largest purpose-built business jet to operate out of the Swiss Alps’ popular airfield, the Global 7500 confirmed its capabilities during a recent visit to the 3,284-ft.-high airport – which has a relatively short runway with nearby obstacles around, and along, its axes. The approach is so demanding, pilots must be familiar in advance with a specially prepared airport briefing.

MRAS’ lead industrial role for the Passport engine nacelle system

In the Nexcelle joint venture’s work-sharing arrangement, MRAS has the program leadership and supplies the nacelle system’s inlet, fan cowls and apron adapter for the Global 7500’s two side-fuselage-mounted GE Aviation Passport powerplants.

The 360-degree, single-piece extended composite inner barrel is prepared at MRAS’ Middle River production facility for integration in a Nexcelle nacelle system on Bombardier’s Global 7500 business jet.

Nacelle features among the elements provided by MRAS are a one-piece extended aluminum inlet lip-outer barrel for reduced aerodynamic drag; an innovative anti-ice system that uses a directed flow nozzle concept; and a 360-degree, single-piece extended composite inner barrel incorporating advanced acoustic protection for lower engine noise levels.

Integrated in the nacelle system as well is a simplified composite fan cowl with large cowl doors (103 inches in length) that facilitate access to the Passport engine for inspection and maintenance, while also reducing system weight.

Another key element of the Passport nacelle’s systems is the target-type thrust reverser – supplied in the Nexcelle joint venture’s work share arrangement by Safran Nacelles – which assists the Global 7500’s deceleration and braking on landing.

Reducing the landing rollout with thrust reversers on Nexcelle’s nacelles

During its demonstration flight into Gstaad Airport, the Global 7500’s flight crew deployed the target-type thrust reversers after touchdown, helping reduce the rollout distance to just under 1,600 ft. on the facility’s 4,590-ft.-long runway.

Bombardier delivered its first Global 7500 in December 2018, with the large-cabin business jet receiving recognitions that include Aviation Week magazine’s Grand Laureate award and Business the Jet of the Year ranking in Robb Report’s “Best of the Best 2019” survey.

Equipped with nacelle systems from the Nexcelle joint venture, Bombardier’s Global 7500 is shown just before touchdown at Switzerland’s Gstaad Airport in the Alps.