CF34 Nacelle Components 

Middle River Aerostructure Systems (MRAS) plays a crucial role in the global aviation industry by manufacturing essential nacelle components for GE Aviation’s CF34 turbofan engines. These engines power Embraer’s E190/E195 regional aircraft and, more recently, COMAC’s ARJ21, one of China’s first jetliners to meet international civil aviation regulatory standards. 

MRAS’s Involvement in the CF34-10E Variant 

For the CF34-10E variant, MRAS manufactures the cascade-type thrust reverser and provides aftermarket support for spare parts, ensuring the smooth operation of these engines on twin-engine E190/E195 aircraft. Over 600 of these Embraer “E-Jets” are currently in service with airlines worldwide. 

Expanded Responsibilities for the CF34-10A Variant 

MRAS’s scope of work expands for the CF34-10A variant, encompassing the production of the thrust reverser, fan cowl, and oversight of the nacelle inlet. Following the ARJ21’s initial commercial service entry in 2015, MRAS has steadily increased the production rate of its CF34-10A components to meet the growing demand. 

MRAS: A Driving Force in Regional Aviation 

MRAS’s commitment to supplying high-quality nacelle components has made it an indispensable partner to GE Aviation and Embraer, contributing significantly to the success of the CF34 turbofan engine and the E-Jets. With the ARJ21 now in operation, MRAS continues to play a pivotal role in powering regional aviation worldwide.