CF6 Thrust Reversers 

Middle River Aerostructure Systems: Powering Widebody Aircraft with CF6 Thrust Reversers. 

General Electric’s CF6 turbofan engine has established itself as a cornerstone powerplant for widebody aircraft, and Middle River Aerostructure Systems (MRAS) plays a crucial role in its success by providing innovative thrust reverser solutions for various applications of this workhorse engine. 

MRAS’s Cascade-Type Thrust Reverser 

The MRAS-manufactured cascade-type thrust reverser features a metallic inner-fixed structure and a composite translating sleeve, offering a balance of strength, weight efficiency, and durability. This robust design has been proven to deliver reliable performance in demanding civil and military operations. 

Civil Applications 

The MRAS CF6 thrust reverser is widely used on both twin-engine and four-engine widebody aircraft: 

  • Boeing 767: Powered by the CF6-80C2 engine, the Boeing 767 is a versatile airliner capable of carrying up to 375 passengers or 8,280 cubic feet of cargo. The MRAS thrust reverser contributes to the aircraft’s efficiency and operational effectiveness. 
  • Airbus A330: The Airbus A330 is a family of long-range widebody airliners powered by various CF6 engine variants, including the CF6-80E1. The MRAS thrust reverser enhances the A330’s operational range and fuel efficiency. 

Military Applications 

The MRAS CF6 thrust reverser also finds applications in military transport aircraft: 

  • Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy: The C-5 Galaxy is a four-engine heavy strategic airlifter powered by the CF6-L1F engine. The MRAS thrust reverser ensures reliable operation during the C-5’s demanding cargo and troop transport missions. 
  • Kawasaki C-2: The Kawasaki C-2 is a twin-engine military transport aircraft powered by the CF6-80K1F engine. The MRAS thrust reverser contributes to the C-2’s capabilities as a versatile transport and airdrop platform. 

A Legacy of Innovation and Reliability 

MRAS’s involvement with the CF6 thrust reverser spans over three decades, demonstrating the company’s unwavering commitment to providing high-quality, reliable aerostructure solutions for the global aviation industry. The CF6 thrust reverser is a testament to MRAS’s expertise in design, manufacturing, and performance optimization, contributing to the success of a wide range of civil and military aircraft.