Middle River Aircraft Systems is program leader for the Nexcelle joint venture’s nacelle system on the Bombardier’s Global 7500 business jet, which has now entered service.

Bombardier delivered its initial Global 7500 in December, following a flight test program that was supported by Nexcelle and its parent companies. Certification of the twin-engine aircraft by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) was announced by Bombardier earlier this month, which followed approval by airworthiness authorities of the U.S. (Federal Aviation Administration) in November 2018, and Canada (Transport Canada) in September 2018.

Under the Nexcelle joint venture work sharing arrangement, MRAS is the program leader and supplies the nacelle system’s inlet, fan cowls and apron adapter for the Global 7500’s side-fuselage mounted GE Aviation Passport powerplants. Safran Nacelles produces the target-type thrust reverser.

A pioneering IPS for business aviation

Nexcelle’s nacelle is a key element of the Global 7500, contributing to the performance of this aircraft – which is the industry’s largest and longest-range business jet. In addition to its non-stop flight capabilities, the Global 7500 has exceeded takeoff and landing performance commitments – which is due in part to the integrated propulsion system (IPS), consisting of Nexcelle’s nacelle and the Passport turbofan engine.

A fan cowl door for the Global 7500 business jet’s integrated propulsion system is inspected prior to shipment from MRAS’ production facility.